Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, CBT

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, CBT is just one of the therapeutic approaches I use to help support clients manage their stress, anxiety and depression.

What is C.B.T ?

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach used to help treat depressions, addictions, anxiety and stress aswell as various mental health and self esteem challenges. CBT is one of the most popular talking therapies used by the NHS its basic principles works on provide you with the tools to help change your thinking and behaviour. It is particularly focused on distorted thinking and present challenges rather than those from your past.


CBT Sessions

Eileen provides Cognitive Behaviour therapy sessions as part of her Life Coaching and Stress Coaching Sessions but can be used as a stand alone therapeutic approach.

Sessions are usually approx 45 Minutes long, CBT is very much a pro-active approach aimed at empowering the client to move forward and take action, so goals and tasks between sessions are very much part of the therapeutic process.

CBT for Group Work

The most basic elements of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can be used in group work to demonstrate the benefits of a more healthier thinking. This is a useful aid in groups/ sectors where distorted and unrealistic thinking is more prevalent addiction work, eating disorders, victims of crime and abuse.

CBT is used to Treat

Cognitive Behaviour Therapand confidence has been demonstrated to be particularly beneficial for sufferers of unhealthy thinking in relation to depression, anxiety, low self esteem issues including confidence, anger issues and post traumatic disorders.

It can also be useful to help clients cope with difficult, presenting challenges, relationship difficulties, health challenges and coping with stress.



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